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Combating Surveillance with Effective Countermeasures

Disrupt eavesdroppers with Technical Surveillance Countermeasures from Spellings & Associates Inc. in Fairfax, Virginia. Inspections are conducted to determine the presence and location of any clandestinely installed electronic devices.  Covert electronic devices are intended to compromise the communications security of a given area, such as an executive office or conference room, as well as the telecommunications system servicing the targeted space.  


Reducing Risk

Detect and mitigate the risk of compromise from a variety of technologies, including radio frequency and other passive electronic interception. Utilizing the most advanced commercially available electronic test equipment and operational techniques, we offer high technology trade craft to both large and small corporate clientele with requirements for better physical and information security.

Property & Privacy

Safeguard the intangible foundations of your company value with TSCM. We make sure your environment stays secure from electronic intercept devices while also keeping your company in compliance with many privacy law requirements.